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Champagne Cakery

champagne cakery

Champagne Cakery

     This family owned specialty Cupcake shop’s slogan says it all. “We’re Here to Remind You That Life is Sweet!” They get that job done and so much more. Champagne Cakery is known for its innovative Cake Jars and delightful handmade cupcakes of all flavors. They’re talked about all around town for their famous Red Velvet cupcakes and affordable prices. Whether the need is a sweet for the day or a cake for next week’s party, this place is sure to please. They recently put in a cookie bar for the different types of cookies and brownies they serve as well. Feel free to take a few minutes to enjoy the baked treats at the available indoor seating. Champagne Cakery is in town next to City Hall and Across The Tracks, so it is quick and easy to grab a treat at on the way to and from any where. They take online orders and occasionally feature baked goods that meet multiple types of dietary restrictions. This is not the dessert place to pass on.


Tues-Fri 11am-5pm

phone 936-327-2171

address 323 West Church Street Suite A Livingston, TX, 77351

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