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Aaron’s Taco Shop

Aaron's Taco Shop order window

Aaron’s Taco Shop

     This family owned and operated business is a Livingston staple lovingly referred to by many as the “Breakfast of Champions”. Aaron’s Taco Shop caters to the early riser. This place makes early mornings that much more bearable with their heavenly homemade tortillas and incredible hot sauces. This is a place in town where it is normal to see people having the same meal three to six times a week. With affordable prices and best sellers like Barbacoa and Carne Guisada it is no surprise people frequent this place. This might even have been the exact breakfast they were talking about when they said “it’s the most important meal of the day”. Head on over and grab a yummy breakfast or lunch special to take somewhere like one of the many local parks. Aaron’s Taco Shop is located in the famous pink house on Business 59 near the edge of town and it is a great place to stop on the way to or back from any local adventure.


Mon-Fri 6am-1:30pm, Sat 6am-12pm

phone 936-327-2160

address 1908 North Washington Avenue Livingston, TX, 77351

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