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Isabel Gobel Designs

isabel gobel

Isabel Gobel Designs

     Isabel Gobel is a self taught Jewelry Artisan who creates masterpieces. Her designs have taken locals and visitors alike by storm. Isabel Gobel Designs has lots of different designs of Silver and Turquoise jewelry. She makes custom designs and even does repairs. At the shop there are also handcrafted leather goods like belts, wallets, and mugs. There is vintage Native American Jewelry on display and for sale. This shop has become a permanent fixture at Yellow Cottage Farm. It’s a fun place to stop in while getting lunch or just cruising the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Isabel Gobel Designs has put together a collection of high-end gemstones and diamonds set in jewelry that can please even the most eccentric. Head on in to this local go-to place for all custom jewelry needs.


Opening new location soon in Downtown Livingston

phone 281-455-1856

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